Klipit Kubby CS

Klipit Kubby CS

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Klipit Kubby

The Kubby is the perfect home for you binding clips!  Magnetic Kubby holes pull your clips inside!  Your clips are always easy to reach with one hand.  No more digging around in a bag when you have a Kubby! (works with other brand clips too)
The Kubby is a magnetic binding clip organizer.  It works with KLIPit brand clips as well as other brand clips.  Each Kubby has 2 trays that rest and rotate on a Lazy Suzan base.  It is 5.5" across and has 40 Kubby compartments.  Each Kubby compartment holds 1 binding clip with a strong magnet for a total of 40 clips.  As your clip gets close to the Kubby compartment, your clip is drawn in by the pull of the magnet.  It is so much fun to use!!
In addition to the Kubby compartments, each tray has an inside storage area that can be used for clips, pins or just about anything else you may want to store.  The top tray lifts off of the bottom tray providing more storage.  Its a great place to hide your chocolates!  
We have provided a link to a brief 31 second demo that shows how your clips are magnetically drawn in.  It also shows how the trays stack and separate. *Caution - strong magnets* KLIPit International LLC

Note:  Clips not included.