Incredible Shrinking Thread & Design Pack

Incredible Shrinking Thread & Design Pack

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The Incredible Shrinking Thread. & Design Pack includes 4 300 meter spools of Incredible Shrinking Thread and a  free CD with 50+ Incredible embroidery machine Shrinking Designs!  What a great way to add texture to any sewing project. This special polyester thread sews like normal sewing thread but when steam is applied using a steam iron, something magical happens! The incredible shrinking thread shrinks about 30%, leaving behind a beautiful shirred effect, similar to smocking! The thread can be used by embroiderers, quilters, and home artists on any fabric although lightweight fabrics work best, such as silk, chiffon, organza, soft knits, and even cotton quilting fabrics, handkerchief linen and wool crepe. Quilters use it in the top and bobbin thread and sew a straight or meandering line or stripple and watch the texture, dimension and shape appear! Machine washable. 300-meter spools in White, Grey, Tan, Black.

Note:  the manufacturer makes up the kits using either light tan or cream, and either grey or light grey.