Six Piece Specialty Scissor/Tweezers Set

Six Piece Specialty Scissor/Tweezers Set

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Six Piece Specialty Scissor/Tweezers Set for Embroidery, Serging, Quilting, Applique, Crafting or Sewing

The beautiful six pieces of specialty Scissors/Tweezers come packed in a Zippered Case ready to be wrapped and put under the tree!  Each scissor is made of top quality German steel with a double plated chrome finish.  Included in the specialty set are the duck bill Applique scissors so you can get close to your trimming and not damage your fabric.  A pair of six inch Scissors to use for cutting fabric or crafts.  Four inch easy cut snips with a micro serrated Blade edge (great for embroidery).  Four inch precision tweezers to get into all those hard to reach spots especially on sergers and overlock machines.  A Six inch pair of Double Curved scissors to get over an embroidery hoop and close to the threads that need to be nipped and a four inch pair of Embroidery scissors with a nice sharp tip.  All these items will help you get the job done easily and faster.