Skinny Pressing Mat CS

Skinny Pressing Mat CS

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Skinny Pressing Mat

The Skinny Pressing Mat designed for the garment sewer.  The 4in Wide by 24in Long and is the perfect tool for pressing those long garment seams, such as pants and sleeves flat and perfect. Use with or without steam for a professional result. Because of its dense natural fiber construction, it holds the heat and is like pressing your project on both sides at the same time. Just slide it inside your sleeve or pants leg for the perfect press every time!This mat is the same high quality as the other popular pressing mats and is 100% American made wool 1/2in thick. To see additional sizes  of the mats,  there is the Magic Pressing Mat NOT18, Mini Pressing Mat NOT56 and the Mega Pressing Mat NOT47. The Decorating Diva

Note:  Please be advised, these mats hold the heat.  We advise you to start with a lower setting until you master the wonders of this mat.