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Product Description

  • Quilt and Embroider without a foot
  • The Octi-Hoops allow you to free-motion embroider and quilt with ease

    What exactly is an Octi-Hoop?
    Octi-Hoops are 3 frames that are shaped in an Octagon shape.
    The frames sizes are: largest 11.5" to medium 9.5" to the smallest 7.5" .
    There is a hole on each of the 8 sides of these Octagon frames which are designed for the 2 green handles included in the kit to drop into. These handles that are shaped like a writing pen are comfortable to hold and make it feel like you're actually writing as you guide your embroidery-work or free motion quilting along. The handles drop in easily to each hole and come out just as easily, so you never risk lifting the frame as you embroider,
    AND THEY WORK ON ALL SEWING MACHINES - EVEN A TREADLE OR FEATHERWEIGHT !!! Yes, as long as your machine will allow you to sew a straight stitch without any other attachments attached to the machine, you can use these.