Klasse Serger Needles CS

Klasse Serger Needles CS

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Product Description

Unlike sewing machines, sergers use different needle types dependent on the serger make and model. Klassé offers six types, all in the 80/12 size, each with a sharp point to penetrate all kinds of fabric for a professional serged finish. Designed in Germany since 1861, and engineered to meet the most exacting industrial performance standards, Klassé needles have achieved the coveted ISO 9002 quality assurance certification. All Klassé needles go through 155 quality checks, earning the industry's highest quality rating for: stability at high speeds, seam appearance, clean stitch holes, and precise and uniform stitchability.

Serger Type A 16X231/16X257/DBX1

Serger Type E HAX1SP

Serger Type B DCX1/81X1

Serger Type G 2020/705H

Serger Type J ELX705

Serger Type K 2054/16X75