Dye Lock Fabric Sheets

Dye Lock Fabric Sheets

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Product Description

Protecting colors in your wash load is always a challenge. There is always some dye that bleeds into the laundry water every time you wash your colored clothes. Sometimes like with a new RED shirt, that loose dye can be a lot. When you put a Dye Lockô fabric sheet into your wash load, it captures all this loose dye and prevents it from staining back onto your other garments. Once Dye Lockô attracts the loose dye it will never let it go, keeping all your colors safe and bright! Just as long as there is a Dye Lockô fabric sheet in your washer, your clothes will always be protected! A Dye Lockô fabric sheet can be used again and again up to 30+ washings.

This fabric sheet is enhanced 100% American cotton. It works at all water temperatures and with any wash cycle!
Package contains 3 sheets.