Clear Polyester 10,000 Yard Thread Cone CS

Clear Polyester 10,000 Yard Thread Cone CS

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MonoPoly Thread Cone 10,000yds

MonoPoly is a reduced-sheen polyester monofilament invisible thread. 10,000 yds. CLEAR. Great for invisible thread applications.  MonoPoly threads are great for quilting, applique, apparel, or wherever reduced sheen invisible thread is required. Strongest invisible thread on the market, MonoPoly is commonly referred to as an invisible thread due to its fineness and reduced-sheen, great for the bobbin or top. MonoPoly is .004" (.1mm) in diameter (90 denier) = Very fine thread.  For best results with home machines, use Topstitch #70/10 needle - lower top tension; For best results with longarm machines, use #14 needle (MR 3.0) - lower top tension.  Choose Color.This works great for quilting - better than other brands that I've tried! Superior Threads