505 Spray Adhesive-SMALL CAN CS

505 Spray Adhesive-SMALL CAN CS

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Product Description


505 Spray Adhesive-Small 6.22 ounce Can

505 Spray and Fix fabric adhesive eliminates basting and pinning. Whether you are working on an embroidery project, preparing appliques, or working with stencils, a little bit of stick can go a long way!  Use for machine applique, quilting and embroidery. Will not leave your fabric, working surface or hands sticky when used properly. Acid free, enviromentally friendly.  One can will cover up to 20 square yds of fabric. Contains no CFC's.   **Please note If you weigh the can: to meet new goverment regulations the manufacturer has adjusted the formula slightly, changing the weight of the can to 6.22 oz. The fluid ounces per can has NOT been changed. There is still 8.5 fluid oz of product in the can.

How to use

1. Work on a protected surface.
2. Shake well. Always pre-test on material before starting project.
3. Hold can 12’’ from surface and spray lightly .
4. Press sprayed surface into position while adhesive is tacky.
5. To remove adhesive – dry clean.