Quilters Edition Perma Core Thread CS

Quilters Edition Perma Core Thread CS

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Quilters Edition Perma Core Thread

This thread combines strength and performance with ultra strong filament polyester thread on the inside, and cotton-like soft spun polyester on the outside. The permanent core fiber structure raises the bar for high thread performance. Create exceptionally strong, durable and abrasion resistent seams. Get consistent stitches even in high spead, multi directional applications. Have the highest level of color fastness for vibrant long lasting colors wash after wash. This thread is ideal for quilting on home, short and long arm machines. With 3,000 yards per spool, there is more than enough to complete a king size quilt. Available in 54 solid colors. Made in the USA. Recommended Needle Size: 80/12. Perma Core
  • A high-tenacity low variation poly wrapped poly core construction
  • Allows the use of smaller thread sizes to minimize puckering or needle cutting
  • 10 – 15percent stronger than cotton wrapped poly core & 30 – 40 percent stronger than spun polyester threads the same size.
  • Superior color fastness and chemical resistance
  • Superior sewability on manual and automatic sewing machines
  • Greater seam integrity
  • Higher resistance to stretching under normal sewing tensions
  • Superior loop formation
  • Fewer skipped stitches and thread breaks
  • Fewer repairs and potential charge-backs & claims
  • Reduced seam puckering related to tension puckering
  • High performance thread lubricant
  • Superior needle heat resistance
  • Superior frictional characteristics for a more consistent stitch appearance.
Enter this web Address for the Perma Core Quilter's Edition thread colors from Robison Anton/American Efird  Color Chart:   http://www.seewhatmaterializes.com/brands/perma-core-qe/