10 Spool Thread Set CS

10 Spool Thread Set CS

Code: SP-731138-Color

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Sew-all Thread Set 100m 10 Spools

Set of 10 Spools. What better way to use discarded plastic rPet bottles then to recycle them into something useful rather than putting them into landfills. 10 spools of 100% Recycled Polyester Sew All Thread are produced from just one PET beverage bottle, with the same good quality as the existing Gutermann Sew All Polyester Thread- and the same price point! A beautiful way to do your part to protect the environment. Strength 100. Recommended needle size Universal 80-12 through 90-14. 100m per spool. Gutermann

Dark 731138-1 Colors included: Black 100r-000, Copen Blue 100r-143, Scarlet 100r-156, Midnight 100r-339, Walnut 100r-696, Rail Gray 100r-701, Sand 100r-722, Nu White 100r-800, Green Bay 100r-824, Mist Gray 100r-038.

Light 731138-2 Colors included: Nu White 100r-800, Eggshell 100r-802, Canary 100r-325, Lemon Peel 100r-852, Lime 100r-334, Light Green 100R-152, Parakeet 100r-736, Petal Pink 100r-659, Raspberry 100r-382, Blue Dawn 100r-075.

Bright 731138-3 Colors included:Parakeet 100r-736, Copen Blue 100r-143, Cobalt Blue 100r-315, Kelly Green 100r-396, Lime 100r-334, Saffron 100r-417, Orange 100r-351, Scarlet 100r-156, Dusty 100r-733, Hydrangea 100r-392.