Color Builder 3 Thread Set CS

Color Builder 3 Thread Set CS

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Color Builder 3 Thread Set

AURIFIL COLOR PALETTE Orange 40wt 100% COTTON THREADS 3 LARGE SPOOL. (1,422 yards each)  Color Builder sets are your choice of colors from 12 mini-collections, each containing three large spools of 40wt thread -- a warm, a medium, and a dark. 40wt is tremendous for sewing bags and garments, or for when a more defined topstitching or quilting pattern is desired. It is also our number one recommended weight for quilting and machine embroidery. This year we've drawn our color inspiration from 12 magnificent Endangered Species, currently in dire need of attention, advocacy, and compassion. Through our year long marketing efforts, we will work toward affecting positive change via increased awareness and targeted fundraising. To help achieve these goals, we have partnered with Earth League International. Aurifil 

Tiger Orange AC40CP3-007  2214,1133,1104
Panda Red AC40CP3-002   2600,2610,5004
Elephant Gray AC40CP3-001 2600,2610,5004 
TURTLE GREEN AC40CP3-003 2908,1147,2890
Lynx Mauve AC40CP3-004 6724,2375,6731
Iguana Pink AC40CP3-005 2410,2425,2530
Shark Blue AC40CP3-006 ,2770,2735,2784
Tiger Orange  AC40CP3-007 2214,1133,1104
Macaw Teal AC40CP3-008 2835,1148,4093
Wild Dog Yellow AC40CP3-009 2105,2115,1135
Gorilla Purple AC40CP3-010  2562,2520,2545
Pangolin Brown AC40CP3-011 2312,6010,2360
Penguin Black and White AC40CP3-012 2312,6010,2360