Zoey Zips Pattern CS

Zoey Zips Pattern CS

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Zoey Zips Pattern

Adorable zip pouches with basket-style handles from leftover zipper length. Perfect for sewing notions, pencil case, treasures and more. Grab your favorite fabrics and cut a little, sew a little, zip a little - and done! Uses Face-It Soft fusible interfacing and fusible fleece. Small: 7 1/2in L x 2 1/2in H x 2in D, uses one 14in zipper. Large: 9 1/2in L x 3 1/2in H x 2in D, uses one 16in or longer zipper.

Joan brings decades of project design, testing, and top-selling pattern writing experience to this fun update to handy zipper pouches.

Effortlessly elevate your sewing experience, build skills, and achieve your sewing goals while Joan walks with you through tips, tricks, techniques and project management for your success every time.

Pattern Features

Easy zipper installation.
Trick to trim and secure zipper ends.
Basket-style zip handles.
Manage directional fabric.
Presser foot and stitch recommendations.
Pressing and finishing tips.
Pattern tested for the accuracy and quality you expect from Lazy Girl Designs

Note: Rotary cut project. 

Small: 7 1/2in L x 2 1/2in H x 2in D
Large: 9 1/2in L x 3 1/2in H x 2in D

Makes one Zoey: Small 11" squares, Large 13" squares

2 squares of Fabric, 100% cotton quilting weight
1 square of Fusible Fleece, polyester, medium loft
1 square of Lightweight woven 100% cotton fusible interfacing, Face-It Soft by Lazy Girl Designs recommended
1 Zipper, all-purpose, polyester, YKK brand recommended (See note below)
Small: 14" minimum, Large: 16" minimum
Note: Zipper lengths are minimums. A longer zipper is nice to give you more room to work when attaching handles, but will result in a little unused zipper length.

Other Supplies

3” x 5” piece of template plastic or an index card.
Size 70/10 or 80/12 SCHMETZ brand Universal or Microtex machine needle.
Erasable marking tool recommended.
Sewing Clips and Desk Stapler. Lazy Girl Designs