Granny's 1930 Sampler Book CS

Granny's 1930 Sampler Book CS


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Granny's 1930 Sampler Book

Softcover. 128 full-color pages. Includes the complete instructions for making Granny's 1930 Sampler is also known as The Lizzy Albright quilt. Make a replica of the depression era sampler quilt that Lizzy discovers in the novel, Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window. Multiple techniques , forty-two blocks, and flying geese with a nine-patch twist. A true skill builde quilt. Ricky Tims, Inc

Quilt Size: 80 3/4" x 90 1/4"

By bringing Granny'’s quilt to the world at large, quilters and nonquilters alike can discover the traditional roots of quilting and the history behind the blocks. Lizzy Albright’s story—and Granny’s quilt—promote multi-generational interaction. Both young and old can work together to recreate this legendary and historic quilt.

 - - - Includes 42 block patterns and instructions for borders.

- - - Find inspirational colorways and learn 5 fun techniques.

- - - Quilting designs and photo inspirations.

- - - A quilt that connects generations.