MagicPins Applique Extra Fine CS

MagicPins Applique Extra Fine CS

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MagicPins Applique Extra Fine 50pc

Taylor Seville's EXTRA-FINE 1"  0.4mm x 26mm Extra Fine Applique pins. Packaged in a clear plastic designer case, making it very convenient to store and carry. The comfort grip handles are easy to grip and work with.These little pins are perfect for hand sewing delicate applique and quilting. The Comfort Grip handles are easy to hold and easy to find if you drop one! Just the right length to hold applique pieces in place and not get in the way.  These pins are heat resistant and comes in a pack of 50. Exclusively from Taylor Seville Originals-The Comfort Grip Magic Pins Applique Extra Fine are manufactured by Taylor Seville Originals, an established and innovative sewing and crafting company committed to providing fine quality sewing, and quilting supplies. Taylor Seville Originals