RFID Fabric CS

RFID Fabric CS

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Product Description


Radio Frequency ID Deterrence Fabric

RFID (Radio Frequency ID Deterrence) fabric is soft and light. When inserted between the fabric layers in your wallet or purse projects, it will help scammers from obtaining your precious credit card info. The generous 18" x 42" allows you to make 10 wallets using the Quick Clutch Wallet Pattern (Code NOT10) The Decorating Diva and you can use whatever wallet pattern you wish and just use this as lining.

Protect yourself from thieves scanning your bag and wallets to obtain your personal credit card information with this RFID ( Radio Frequency ID) fabric.  You can use it to line wallets, bags and totes.  The copper and nickel coated polyester fabric is soft and thin and wont make your projects stiff or thick.
  • RFID fabric blocks radio waves from getting near your credit card and/or personal information and sending this information to a detector or reader.
  • Line anything you carry your ID and/or credit cards in with this special fabric that has a 99.99% shielding efficiency.
  • Grey, 42″ x18″.
  • Can be custom cut for larger pieces, please contact us for details and pricing.
  • Fabric content formula: 23% copper, 27% nickel, 50% polyester.
  • Only 0.09mm thick.
  • Iron with cool setting, hand wash.
  • Use a MicroTex 90/14 needle on your sewing machine.