Sewing Machine Mat CS

Sewing Machine Mat CS

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Sewing Machine Mat

A perfect solution for all sewing machine enthusiasts! This high quality mat/organizer will ensure that your machine is steady and secure on the table. Eliminates the needs to keep stopping and pushing your machine back into place.  The Sewing Machine Mat  by Yazzii is pure genius. Placed under your sewing machine, it protects your sewing table, helps reduce vibration, and keeps all of your tools organized and in easy reach - no more searching for those thread snips or the seam ripper. When you are ready to go to a class or retreat, simply slip the mat out from under your sewing machine, fold the quilted flap over twice so that it covers the pockets, fold it up horizontally, and fasten with the velcro tab, and voila - your tools are neatly packed and ready to go.

The quilted Sewing Machine Mat has five see-through zipper pockets, a removable pincushion, and a large vercro tab to ensure a secure closure.

Size: 23.5in. x 26.5in. when open, 6.5in. x 8.25in. x 2.5in. when folded.

Hand crafted on domestic sewing machines, these fairly traded bags offer the perfect solution to keeping your projects organized and ready to go wherever you do.
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