Dare to Be Square Quilting

Dare to Be Square Quilting

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Dare to Be Square Quilting

A Block-by-Block Guide to Making Patchwork and Quilts. ...My approach to quilting is an approach for true beginners. I don't like triangles, circles, hexagons, diamonds, rhombuses, or any shape that makes measuring a chore. (Can we stop right here and ponder the word rhombus? Man, that word is hilarious.) In this book, every project is designed using only squares and rectangles. Why just squares and rectangles? Because straight seems are easy to stitch! Craft a modern quilt with independent quilt-maker Boo Davis, whose fun, slightly quirky designs take quilts into new graphic territory. Using only simple shapes like rectangles and squares you'll see robots, skulls, alarm clocks, and owls come to life as fabulous, full-size quilts. With 10 charming quilt patterns, and 15 eye-popping patchwork projects perfect for afternoon or weekend crafting. Dare to make a quilt that's funny, fabulous, and from the heart... Dare to be square! 160 pages, paperback, by: Boo Davis, Published by: Potter Craft (Penguin/Random House). Penguin Random House