Sulky Sticky + -- 5 yd roll-SS-20

Sulky Sticky + -- 5 yd roll-SS-20

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Product Description

The Self-Adhesive Tear-Away Stabilizer on a paper-backed release sheet. Ideal for Hooped, Computerized Machine Embroidery. It's easy to hoop Sulky Sticky with the paper side up, the way you would hoop a piece of fabric. Using a small sharp knife, perforate the paper and peel it away to reveal the sticky sheet. Place your fabric on the hoop and finger press to adhere. Put the hoop on your sewing machine, and embroider. Small items can be embroidered without basting them to the stabilizer, just finger press them to the Sulky Sticky. Make ready-to-wear easier to embroider; on areas like cuffs, collars, pockets and socks.
Size: 21" x 5 yard roll.