Sew Slip II

Sew Slip II

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Sew Slip II CS

Free motion quilting just got easier, sewing difficult fabrics just got easier - with the SewSlip II.  We read over the specs for this great product and found they simply don't give this great product justice.


The product has a silicone backing that appears to be tacky so it will grip the surface of your sewing machine and will not slip around.  This silicone backing has no adhesives on it or anything like that, it is just the nature of the material, it is permanent tacky so it will last a very long time.  


The top of the 12"x 18" Sew Slip II has a Teflon coating.  What this does is creates a slippery surface that will give very little resistance while sliding your quilt through the sewing area.  We read on a blog-post that the Sew Slip II may not be big enough for a full size quilt.  We found that it is plenty big as the 12" x 18" Teflon surface more than covered even the largest machine bed and the slippery surface is only needed at the pressure points around the sewing surface.  With the feed-dogs down, quilts slide around on the bed of your machine with ease. You will immediately notice how easily it glides, how much more even your stitches become since you're not tugging that quilt.


The SewSlip II now comes with a small rectangular hole that allows you to also sew with your feed-dogs up, so if you need to do stitch-in-the-ditch quilting with your walking foot on, simply put your feed-dogs up and you still have the advantage of the Teflon under your quilt to make feeding a breeze!  It is also great when sewing fabrics that like to cling to the sewing surface, like leather or oilcloth.  Just raise your feed-dogs up and guide the fabric without having to worry about sticking to your machine.


This sheet has a multitude of other uses such as protecting your rubber stamping area, underneath the glue gun (yes, those blobs do come off of this sheet!), attaching hot-fix crystals, painting, fusing  - just about anywhere you want no stick and easy cleanup. After some use, the backing will feel not quite as sticky. Just hold the sheet under running water and all the lint and threads will wash away and the sheet will grip your surface once again. The backing is not an adhesive that will gum up your sewing machine!