Amazing Needle Threader

Amazing Needle Threader

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Product Description

Easily threads sewing machine and serger needles.

A handy gadget that makes threading sewing machines and serger needles a snap! Easily threads sewing machine and serger needles

Basically, you position yourself in front of the needle.
  Hold the tool in one hand

Simply place the thread through the slit in the needle threader
Move the tool towards the needle shaft, just above the 'eye'.
Move the tool down the needle shaft while gently pushing the tool inward.
Slide the threader down the needle Once you feel the tool find the eye let the pin push the thread through the eye of the needle.  (Once you feel the tool find the eye, release the thread from your hand and continue to push the tool into the eye.)
 Once the thread has moved through the eye, release the pressure on the tool.
  Lastly grab the thread using tweezers.

Difficult task accomplished.
The tool takes a little getting used to so remember, "Practice makes perfect."