Edge-to-Edge PRO

Edge-to-Edge PRO

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Edge-to-Edge PRO

We include 6 new edge-to-edge, border and cornerstone design sets. But, these are not just any designs... these exclusive designs allow you to resize to ANY dimensions, while recalculating stitch length! As a bonus, we re-digitized 5 designs from the original Edge-to-Edge book, to make them fully resizable, and added border & cornerstone designs. Altogether, that'’s 36 new, resizable designs! See the Design Overview at the end of the book for details and images of all design sets. Supported file formats: ALL File dimensions: ANY New projects When you'’re learning a new quilting technique, you need fun projects to quilt. So, we included 4 table runners, a wall hanging, and 2 full size quilt patterns. Each project includes full piecing, resizing, and quilting instructions that serve as great examples of the new techniques. This book is a tremendous value, including: 3 new techniques, with extensive instructions  4 table runner patterns  3 quilt patterns Free Embroidery Tool Shed software  36 fully-resizable quilting, border, and cornerstone designs  Amelie Scott Designs