O Christmas Gnomes Pattern

O Christmas Gnomes Pattern

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O Christmas Gnomes Pattern

O Christmas Gnomes is a fun holiday wall hanging that will bring cheer to your home. The gnomes are sewn in a geometric pattern in the shape of a Christmas tree. This pattern combines applique with basic quilt piecing techniques. Two sizes: Tall (53 in x 20 in) has 6 rows of gnomes or Short (45 in x 17 in) has 5 rows of gnomes.  You can sew it up as a 6-row version or a 5-row version if you want it a little shorter. It's a combination of piecing and applique, and has a lot of forgiveness built in. The quilt is constructed row-by-row. The bodies are made by strip-piecing body strips with background strips to create even spacing for the geometric tree shape. After the rows are completed, the rows are centered and sewn together, and the sides are trimmed.Around the Bobbin