Badgemaster Water-Soluble Backing 1 Yd x 30"

Badgemaster Water-Soluble Backing 1 Yd x 30"


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We pleased to have back in stock,  Badgemaster Water-soluble embroidery stabilizers. It will dissolve completely when immersed in water leaving no backing at all. It is perfect when you need an embroidery stabilizer to disappear leaving nothing behind. Badgemaster is widely used in freestanding embroidery applications such as freestanding lace. Badgemaster is a water-soluble film similar to Solvy but much heavier. Badgemaster can be hooped by itself and stitched on directly. Once you are done stitching with Badgemaster, cut away as much as possible, immerse it in water and it will dissolve leaving just your stitching. PERFECT FOR MAKING PATCHES!   Badgemaster Water Soluble Backing 1 Yd x 30"