Clover Small Felting Needle Mat

Clover Small Felting Needle Mat

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Product Description

Add designs and embellishments without glue or thread! Use this handy Felting Needle Mat for smooth punching and little resistance. It allows the fibers of the appliqué to mesh well with the base fabric. The bristle length on this mat provides the ideal hardness and density for punching. Try it on knit handiwork, sweaters and garments, wall hangings, throws, rugs, and more. Suitable materials for the appliqué include: felt sheet with a minimum of 50% wool content, raw wool, wool yarn, and woven wool fabric. Suitable materials for use as the base fabric include: wool knit, woven wool fabric, felt sheet (acrylic and similar), woven or knitted cotton fabric. Measures 3-3/4" x 4-1/2"; 1-3/4" high.