Accessory Kit Low Shank 15 Piece

Accessory Kit Low Shank 15 Piece

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Accessory Kit Low Shank 15 Piece

Accessory kit with foam fitted slots for accessories. Includes snap on feet that are 5mm. Zigzag, buttonhole, satin stitch, straight stitch, button sew on, zipper, rolled hem, blindstitch, cording, overcast, 1/4" patchwork Low shank ankle and fixed low shank shirring foot, darning foot, even feed.

  1. Zigzag, 
  2. Buttonhole 
  3. Satin stitch
  4. Straight stitch, 
  5. Button sew on
  6. Zipper,
  7. Rolled hem, 
  8. Blindstitch, 
  9. Cording, 
  10. Overcast, 
  11. 1/4" patchwork 
  12. Low shank ankle and 
  13. Fixed low shank shirring foot
  14. Darning foot, 
  15. Even feed.