Embroider's 'Lil Helper

Embroider's 'Lil Helper

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The Embroider's Lil Helper Pocket Guide.
This embroidery placement tool is a fast, simple and accurate way to center your embroidery design over a shirt pocket. Achieve perfec and consistent embroidery centering every time. The Lil Heloper eliminates guesswork, and only takes seconds to use. The Lil Helper tool has pre-marked industry standard embroidery placement markings from 1 1/4" to 2". Just line up the template on the shirt plackett, mark the shirt, then hoop and sew with confidence. Made of polystyrene. Made in the USA.

Embroiderer’s ‘Lil Helper (EH0002)

  • Pocket guide template assists with centering your embroidery design above a shirt pocket
  • Place zero mark on the center top of pocket and mark the correct height marking for the center of the design
  • Bottom ruler has centering ruler with 0 to 2" markings
  • Height markings are 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75", and 2"
  • Ruler size:
    • Height: 1" at narrowest, 2" at widest
    • Width: 2-1/2" on top portion and 5" on bottom portion
  • Instructions included on tool