No Show Fusible Mesh 12" x 10 yards

No Show Fusible Mesh 12" x 10 yards

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This translucent stabilizer is ideal for covering the back of embroidery on light to medium weight stretch and woven fabrics. It is sheer enough to eliminate the backing shadow while still protecting skin from scratches. This is a great choice for collars and cuffs.  Cut a piece of No Show Mesh Fusible to fit the size of the hoop.  Place the right side of the garment flat on a pressing surface.  Place the No Show Mesh Fusible on the wrong side of the item behind the desired design area with the shiny or fusible side down.  With the iron on the lowest setting (250-260 degrees) fuse the stabilizer to the wrong side of the item.  Hoop both layers securely and embroider or stitch.  Weight: 1.5 oz. Size: 12" x 10 yard. Color: White.