505 Spray and Fix Large Can

505 Spray and Fix Large Can

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Product Description


A temporary repositionable fabric adhesive. Great for applique, quilting, and crafting! Odorless and colorless; won't gum up sewing needles; cleans up with soap and water; outstanding for machine applique and embroidery; excellent with tear-away continuous machine patterns; bastes quilt layers quickly and easily. 310 gram can.

The 505 Temporary Adheisive was developed for industrial embroidery.  505 allows the fabric to stick to the embroidery frame.  It is important to spray at a distance of 12".  The adhesive insures perfect embroidery.   Look at the picture of two towels side by side. 505 was used on the embroidery on the towel on the left; no adhesive was used on the embroidery on the right.

Without using 505, visible defects and puckering appear. See the close up image on the left.   Looking at  straight lines, you can see the distortion.  The close-up of embroidery on the right was made using 505 and has no puckering nor distortion.
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