Clamshells Pounce Stencil - 3 sizes

Clamshells Pounce Stencil - 3 sizes

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Product Description

Three sizes on one stencil for your many uses. Designs measure 1", 1 1/2" and 2 1/4".

Full Line Stencils look light and delicate but they're a tough piece of nylon mesh. virtually indestructible. The area that we don't want the chalk to go through is closed off so our designs transfer complete- they're not broken with the bridges used in plastic cut stencils. When you use a Full Line Stencil, you get to follow the complete line as you sew. There is no right or wrong side, most designs have registration marks to help align repeats! And rather than tracing all those lines you just swipe the chalk filled refillable Pounce Pad over the mesh and are ready to sew in no time.

The stencils are easy to care for, they are water proof, just rinse them off with water when you're done. If they get wrinkled just iron them flat again! Use a medium to medium high heat setting and no steam when ironing them.