Fat Quarter Organizer 5" x 14"

Fat Quarter Organizer 5" x 14"

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Fat Quarter Organizer 5" x 14"

Size 5x14 . Holds 1/2 yard up to 5 yards of fabric! Great for holding and organizing your fat quarters and quilting projects.   Get your fabric stash neatly and functionally organized!
Save Space, Save Time, See all of your fabrics at once. − Designed specifically for home use − Neatly Stores Fabric  − NO-Refolding Necessary

Stores 1/2 to Several Yards .  Easily Handle Fabrics.  Store your fabric folded at the 11-inch width and it is ready to cut when you are ready to Quilt! Fits most Standard Bookcases or in Plastic Bins.   Made of Acid-Free Corrugated Plastic

* Fabric Organizers are made by DeNiece's Designs.* SOLD EACH