Flower Stitch Foot

Flower Stitch Foot

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Product Description

Flower Stitch Foot

The Flower Stitch Foot sews beautiful designs in a circle for an unexpectedly different look. By changing patterns, using multiple thread colors, single or twin needles, and repositioning the notches on the foot, numerous effects can be created. This screw-on foot will fit most low shank machines. Especially great for owners of sewing machines that do not have a lot of decorative stitches because it expands your range of decorative and heirloom stitch capabilities. Instructions included. Create decorative circlesówithout a hoop!Attach to your presser bar and needle clamp to make circles, flowers, and eyelets on placemats, button covers, soft jewelry, and cuffsówithout a hoop! The foam ring on the bottom of the foot grips the fabric to allow even stitching around the eyelet. Expand flower designs by adjusting the needle position and/or using different decorative zigzag stitches. Creates circles up to 7/8" diameter. Low Shank.