ELEONORE Pull-On Jeans  Pattern

ELEONORE Pull-On Jeans Pattern

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ELEONORE Pull-On Jeans  Pattern for Girls and Women

Stretch pull-on jeans (long or cropped) with wide waistband. Yoke, faux fly in the front, patch pockets in the back Fitted through waist and hips, straight from the knee down Very easy to turn into skinny jeans!

The Surrender

By now, you probably know that my daughter Eleonore is a little girl who knows what she wants. When it comes to pants, here is what a pair of pants need to have to get her approval:

comfy low rise waistband (the belly button is off limits!)

no buttons (not quick enough!)

slim leg (but not too tight!)

stretch woven (non-stretch denim is not comfortable enough, she wants her knits for leggings only and she claims lightweight non-stretch woven fabrics are "shorts fabrics")

Her requests did make sense (and aren't we all picky when it comes to jeans?) but being as stubborn as her, I tried to have her wear yoga pants, poplin pants, cute jeans with appliques. She.would.not.budge.  I decided I had to pick my battles and let her win this one because I don't want her to wear leggings until she goes to college (and I also wanted to avoid going insane... arguing with a pre-schooler about pants rise before 7am is not my favorite thing to do). 

Finding pants like that in stores is not impossible. The only problem is that she is 4 1/2 but her hips measurement is closer to a size 2. This leaves us with the usual two ready-to-wear options that I'm sure many of you face when shopping for pants: huuuuuge waist and ok legs or ok waist but legs that are way too short. 

In Quebec, we have a familiar expression "Avoir de l'eau dan' cave" that literally means "to have water in the basement". We use it to describe pants that are too short, when kids outgrow their pants. Cute, isn't it?

Jeanne came to the rescue. Eleonore now has comfy pull-on jeans that fit at the waist and "has no water in the basement"

What started as a side project for my little one became an "official" pattern idea when a friend of Jeanne's came over and mentioned how difficult it was to find a great-looking pair of women's pull-on jeans/trousers. That's what we call great timing! She preferred the feel of a wide waistband to the usual zipper fly and button but did not want to have pants that looked like denim jogging pants either. Pull-on pants and much quicker to sew too! Jalie Patterns