Eco Friendly KK2000 Temporary Adhesive Spray

Eco Friendly KK2000 Temporary Adhesive Spray

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Safe for you! Safe for the planet!
Be kind to yourself and the environment whenever you need a temporary fix. KK2000 has gone green! (Seriously, look for the green lid and earth label) KK2000 temporarily bonds fabrics to appliques, batting, stabilizers, and even to patterns and templates. Spray about 6 inches from the receiving surface. You can reposition the fabric before stitching it in place; it works great with landscape quilting projects. It will not stain. Bonding disappears in 2-5 days. Non-flammable, non-toxic, odorless, ozone-friendly, No CFS'S or HCFC's. Plus, it now contains up to 70% more usable product because it is made of a highly concentrated material combined with a low pressure spray that eliminates wasteful overspraying.  3.6 fl oz per can 4.23 oz; 120g