LaCuisine(tm) Salsa Maker/Food Processor

LaCuisine(tm) Salsa Maker/Food Processor


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Product Description

LaCuisine(tm) Salsa Maker/Food Processor. Do you hate to go to the trouble of wrestling with that big, bulky, electric food processor you were given as a gift This compact, easy to operate food processor will make chopping a pleasure. It comes with two attachments, one for chopping and one for beating. Simply place the appropriate blade in the container, cover, turn the handle, and you are on the way to great tasting home-made salsa, cole slaw, and spreads. You can even make your own dips and home-made salad dressings in a snap! Includes triple action rotary chopper, and rotary beater. Container measures 6-1/2" x 3" deep.