22pc Super Set with T304 Stainless Steel

22pc Super Set with T304 Stainless Steel

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Looking for a set of cookware a cut above the ordinary Try the 22pc Super Set with T304 Stainless Steel. This set includes a 1qt covered saucepan, 3qt covered saucepan, 6.5qt covered roaster, 10"" covered skillet, 1.5qt covered saucepan, steamer, deep fry basket and removable handle, 2 covered mixing bowls (bowls work as dome covers and as double boilers), adapter ring, grater and handle, suction knob and whisk. The covers have a unique thermometer to help regulate cooking temperature. That means when you are trying to juggle a dozen kitchen chores while cooking, a simple glance at the thermometer tells you immediately if everything is fine. Better yet, you can stack cook with this cookware. That means if you can start cooking on one burner and then stack the pan on top of another pan when it reaches cooking temperature, freeing up a burner.