Chevron Pillow Pattern

Chevron Pillow Pattern

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Chevron Pillow Pattern

Looking for something different to sew? Meet the Chevron Pillows! Stitch and flip patchwork strips form 2 sturdy panels that when offset and stitched together, form a secondary zigzag pattern on the side of the pillow! Everyone on loves these pillows not just because they look cool, but they are comfy! The unusual shape is a perfect noggin cradle. Handmade tassels from embroidery floss, (available in every color under the sun) can be made to coordinate with any fabric combo you can dream up. No searching for the perfect buttons or covering buttons to match. Concise illustrations and photos make this pattern a snap to use. Finished size of pillows: Small: 13in Medium: 16-1/2in Large: 20in across.  La Todera