2 in Double Fold Binding Tool

2 in Double Fold Binding Tool

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2 in Double Fold Binding Tool

Easily create 1/2 in double folded strips in one step with the 2 in Double Fold Tool. You can either iron the strips and then sew them, or skip the ironing all together and go straight to the sewing machine! The tool also allows you to create traditional double fold strips with an iron. It's like having two tools in one. Color will vary. Purple Hobbies LLC

Many quilt makers are now making masks with fabric ties.  I was frustrated at how long it was taking to create 1/2" double folded strips so I created a tool to do it all in one step!
You can use the tool to fold in both sides like many other binding tools:

Or, flip it on its side and you have instant double folded fabric.  Trust me, when you're making miles of fabric ties, this is a tremendous time saver!
I prefer to skip the ironing all together and go straight to your sewing machine! 

Load the fabric into the tool, then place the end under your presser foot and lower the presser foot and the needle (use the needle down function to hold the strip in place).

Pull the tool back a few inches and begin to sew 1/16-1/8" from the folded edges.  Stitch until the tool is close to the presser foot, then stop, pull the tool back a few inches and stitch.  Repeat until you reach the end of the strip.

It helps to hold the fabric taut as it goes into the tool so it achieves the best "fold".  If necessary, you can adjust the folds before you begin stitching to get a perfect 1/2" strip. 

This is my favorite way to use the tool.  (You can tell from all the lint on the machine that I was sewing LOTS of strips!)

Note:  if you have a jelly roll rug tool you can use that for your 2 1/2" strips--I use 2" strips because they result in 1/2" ties which I prefer.  The jelly roll rug tool is intended for thicker fabric so it takes a little more patience to make the double fold binding but it's still easier than ironing twice!

Designed and 3D printed in California using PLA (a commercially compostable plastic made from renewable resources like corn starch and tapioca starch).