Aqua Melt Water Soluble Topping

Aqua Melt Water Soluble Topping

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Product Description


This stabilizer works great as a topping or a backing. It is water soluble and is designed to keep embroidery stitches from sinking into plush or pile fabrics, such as fleece or terry cloth. It can also handle embroidery designs without any fabric for beautiful laces.

Tear away as much of the Water Soluble Topping as you can.  Aqua Melt dissolves in water, so it should only be used on fabrics that can be wet without staining.  You can also use a spray bottle with a water and fabric softener mis to remove the remaing Aqua Melt.  Make sure to test your fabric for compatibilty with fabric softener first.  Small remnants can be removed with a damp cloth.   Aqua Melt. Size: 12" x 11 yards.