20 Spool Thread Stand CS

20 Spool Thread Stand CS


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The Conductor 20 Spool Thread Stand for Sewing and Embroidery Machines   This easy-to-use device eliminates thread messes and jamming.  The stand sits behind the machine for smooth and convenient thread delivery. Thread directly from the Conductor to your machine (This makes changing colors quick and easy. ) With the Conductor you can stage your thread so the next color will be ready when called for - no more last second hunting around.    A set of ten Spool Stabilizers and Caps are included.  The four winged spool stabilizers are perfect for stabilizing any large cone thread.  Just slip over top of your spool pin.  When you place the cone thread over the spool stabilizer, the four rubber wings grip the inside of the cone and NO MORE WOBBLE!  The Set also includes 10 small and 10 large spool caps.  These caps prevent smaller spools from wobbling and lead the thread off the top of the spool so you that you will never again break your thread due to thread backlash. You also receive a vertical thread spool pin and guide for those slippery threads that simply will not work in the upright position.   The Conductor accommodates all types of thread spools including, king cones, mini cones, snap spools, wound and cross sewing.  The new and improved weighted base makes this the most stable thread stand ever developed. and it won't tip over like a single spool stand.  Perfect for any sewing or embroidery machine.  (Thread not included)

The Conductor 20 Spool Thread Stand for Sewing and Embroidery Machines Includes:  (20) Spool Pins - (4) Horizontal Spool Pins -(20) Large Spool Caps - (20) Small Spool Caps - (20) Cone Holders - Printed Manual