Crystal Water 1 oz Pack SP

Crystal Water 1 oz Pack SP


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Little crystals are added to water and it creates a jell like substance that  looks like someone stirred up a bowl of jello that was set. Crystal Water is used as a soil additive and will maintain soil moisture up to 400% longer.  This product is used on Golf Courses and greenhouses.   Simply add a very small amount into the soil prior to watering.  This is great for houseplants, as you will not need to water as often.  You can also use Crystal Water in clear vases to grow plants without soil.  (Our daughter used it for a science project to show root development from bulbs. You could see right into the jar, right through the crystals).  You can also add food coloring or decorative confetti to create gorgeous centerpieces!   Crystal Water is great for arranging flowers.   One 1oz package makes approximately one gallon of Crystal Water. Crystal Water is completely inert and is environmentally friendly as it conserves water and promotes plant growth.