Eco-Friendly Embroidery Backing 40" Wide

Eco-Friendly Embroidery Backing 40" Wide

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Product Description


Eco-Friendly Washaway Embroidery Backing Film
Specially Developed To be
Environmentally Friendly

  • The first eco-friendly embroidery backing available in the USA.
  • Sews like a cutaway, then tears away clean.
  • Washes away easily with no residue.
  • Lubricates the needle during the sewing process.
  • Embossed for easy handling.
  • Formaldehyde Free, PVA (Poly Vinyl Alcohol) is non-toxic.  PVA is used in capsules and tablets for pharmaceuticals (drugs for health).
  • Dissolves quickly leaving the garment soft.
  • Solves disposal problems.  Unlike petro-plastic films, the water table (underground water) is not blocked.  WSF breaks into miniscule particles.  It cannot reform into a film so, water seeps through the ground following its natural course.  Unlike non-woven backings, WSF does not break into fibers, which may foul the water or filtration systems.  Finally, unlike most pulp-based backings, WSF does not use wood fiber, thus saving the forests.
  • Water Soluble Film ensures hypoallergenic (skin friendly) embroidery.  The film will wash away completely leaving no backing materials.  This is great for children’'s garments and lingerie.   Use for anything that will be against your skin.

Water Soluble Film is perfect as a topping stabilizer.  It tears like paper and when used on top, allows the embroidery to fluff up. 40" Wide x 1yd.  .