Electric Quilt 8 Quilt Design Software EQ-800 PLUS EQ8LESSON CS

Electric Quilt 8 Quilt Design Software EQ-800 PLUS EQ8LESSON CS

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Electric Quilt 8 Quilt Design Software  EQ-800 PLUS the book  EQ8 Lessons for Beginners

Electric Quilt is the industry's go-to computer software for quilt designing. From professionals, to the everyday quilter, EQ has all the right tools and features for every designer. NEW LOOK: EQ8 is redesigned with a friendly new look that includes large interface elements for faster, more intuitive learning. NEW FEATURES: EQ8 comes with more than 40 new and updated features, including thousands of new block designs and fabrics. NEW DELIVERY: The EQ8 package contains a software download license. The license is used to claim, download and install the software from ElectricQuilt.com. Complete instructions are included. 

PLUS the book  EQ8 Lessons for Beginners
This book is perfect for the new EQ8 user. The step-by-step lessons guide the reader through the basic tasks of drawing blocks, importing fabric scans and designing quilts. Lessons are easy to follow and cover all the basics of the software. Print patterns and yardage charts, learn to make quilt labels, design traditional and modern quilts, and have fun along the way! EQ8 has a fresh new look so this book is ideal for owners of previous versions of EQ. The exercises will steer the user through EQ8, demonstrating new features and uncovering old features that were hidden in previous versions of EQ. Use this book to make old features new and hidden features found! This is a must-have book for any EQ8 user! Size 8.5x11in.