5500 Yard BIG King Spool Robison Anton Rayon Thread CS

5500 Yard BIG King Spool Robison Anton Rayon Thread CS

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Product Description

Robison-Anton makes a King size embroidery thread spool which contains 5500 yards of the same high-quality embroidery thread as the Mini-King spools. King spools are perfect for high- volume embroidery jobs and making sure  that you will never run out! 40 wt. Sold by the spool. Robison Anton 40 Weight Rayon Embroidery Thread. Market's Leading Thread. Ideal For Any Type Machine. Superior To Traditional Sewing Spools. Smooth and Easy Running. Brite - High Lusterous Sheen. Excellent Execution, Excellent Washability, and Less Equipment Wear. Top Quality. Made from high tenacity, ultra luster rayon filament - Smooth soft feel or hand - For applications where a silky luster and soft hand are desired - Superior sewability, fewer thread breaks - Excellent stitch formation and appearance - Processed in the USA from imported filament - 5000 meter (5,500 yard) King Spools both featuring our - easy storage snap base.