Under Cover Pattern CS

Under Cover Pattern CS

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Under Cover Pattern

Protect your cherished sewing machine with its own quilt! Each cover features slip pockets on front and back, a zippered pocket on the left side, and a mesh slip pocket on the right side. For easy access to the sewing machine handle, there is an opening at the top. Flaps with magnetic snaps cover the opening. The pattern includes complete step-by-step instructions for covers in three sizes to fit many popular machines: SMALL: Fits machines measuring 12.5in H x 15.5in W x 6.5in D - such as most current BERNINA 3 Series machines. MEDIUM: Fits machines measuring 13in H x 17.75in W x 8in D - such as most current BERNINA 5 Series machines. LARGE: Fits machines measuring 14.5in H x 20.5in W x 8in D - such as most current BERNINA 7 Series machines. The pattern and Add-on Video include instructions for measuring your machine and making adjustments as needed to fit your particular machine. Add-on Video notice: There is an Add-on Video available for this pattern. The Add-on Video is specially designed to support specific parts of the pattern and help the customer learn techniques. It doesn't replace the pattern -- it will enhance the sewing experience.Paper patterns include a coupon for the value of the Add-on Video. This is a $5.00 value.You can then use the coupon to get the video for free at byannie.com. Patterns by Annie