Tearaway Firm CS

Tearaway Firm CS

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Tear-Away Embroidery Stabilizer

This stabilizer is a crafter's best friend. It's great for stitching on paper, framed embroideries, Aida cloth, and other craft goods or coated and waterproof fabric. Tear-Away Firm also works well on denim, corduroy, or woven cottons. Use on wovens, cottons or blends  Sturdy enough for "hoopless projectswhere firm items are fixed to hooped stabilizer *Stable, non-stretch. It provides a sturdy non-stretch foundation for embroidery with a high stitch count. Easy to remove after stitching with no stitch stress. So dense that only one layer is needed for best performance  Weight: 1.5 oz.  12" x 10 yard. Color: White.