Sticky Back Tear-Away By-The Yard

Sticky Back Tear-Away By-The Yard

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Sticky Back Tear-Away - 3.0 oz Medium Tear-Away Self Adhesive Embroidery Stabilizer. Use on all weights and fabric types.  Ideal for fabrics like fleece, ultrasuede, velvet and velour or any hard to hoop embroider.  Benefits: Press-on. Easy to hoop. Small items can be embroidered without basting to stabilizer. Tear-Away Stabilizers are temporary stabilizers that provide stability to the stitches during the application process to help prevent puckering, tunneling, and distortion.  58" Wide  DUE TO SIZE, PRODUCT WILL SHIP FOLDED .

  • Cut a piece of stabilizer to fit the size of the hoop.
  • Place the stabilizer in the hoop making sure the removable paper side faces up.
  • Using a straight pin, lightly score the removable backing, only along the inside frame of the hoop. Do not cut through the stabilizer.
  • Position the item to be embroidered, on top of the hooped stabilizer and smooth out any wrinkles.
  • After stitching, gently tear away the excess stabilizer.