Prop-It Quilter Pattern Holder CS

Prop-It Quilter Pattern Holder CS

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Prop-It Quilter Pattern Holder

PROP-IT Portable Hands-Free Quilter's Pattern Holder Holds & Displays Patterns Instruction Materials in ANY form--printed or digital device, including hard and softbound books, magazines, leaflets, sheets of paper and digital devices.. Includes  Separate Magnetic Board & Magnets to Highlight  Pattern Details . Flip-up Extensions to Support Oversized items. Elastic Page Holder to Keeps Books Opened. Storage Case . Collapses Flat to 8 in x 11 in. Useful as a Cookbook Holder, Bible Holder, Music Stand, Copyholder, Tabletop Art Easel...  Magnet Board and magnets highlight pattern details Elastic page holder to keeps books opened. Comes with a plastic storage case. Color Black. S.A. Richards