Wash-Away Backing - Super Wide

Wash-Away Backing - Super Wide


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Wash-Away Dissolvable Stabilizer is truly one of the great breakthroughs in embroidery/quilting stabilizers. Looks and feels the same as traditional stabilizer, but completely dissolves after the embroidery process by simply exposing to water. Wash-Away Dissolvable Stabilizer is soft, sheer, and stable enough to handle considerable stitch counts. It is truly a very soft feeling, mesh-like stabilizer. The dissolving part is amazing: no left-over residue, no gunk; truly an easy to wash-away stabilizer. Hooping and cutting preparation is also quick and easy. Ideal applications include: quilting, applique, towels, blankets, napkins, etc. We are so happy to be able to make this great product available to our Club Members. This 59" Wide product will be sent folded . (Also known as H20 Gone, Wet N Gone, Aqua Magic, etc.) Limited Quantity Available