60" Wash Away Extra (Sticky Back) By-The-Yard

60" Wash Away Extra (Sticky Back) By-The-Yard


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Wash Away Extra. The Dissolvable Adhesive Stabilizer. This product is great to trace or print a design on, adhere it to your fabric and stitch out the design. You can then wash it away! The mesh like base material is soft and sheer, but incredibly stable and easy to work with. The adhesive backing is fabric and needle friendly and will not contaminate your material or equipment. The highly sophisticated adhesive will allow a large variety of substrates and fibers to be positioned and repositioned as needed. Ideal for: Applique, Lace, Emblems, Towels, Blankets, Napkins, Ribbon, Redwork, Denim, Quilting and so much more. Wash Away Extra is easy to apply. First, make sure your hands and work area is completely dry from moisture. Cut the Wash Away Extra larger than your hoop. Peel away the paper release backing. Once exposed, position your articles. You may reposition by lifting and putting it back in a new place. After embroidery is complete, submerge the article in water and slightly agitate (can use a delicate wash cycle). The Wash Away Extra will completely dissolve leaving no fiber residue on finished article. Store any unused Wash Away Extra in a dry, airtight container or zip-lock bag. This product will be sent folded. It is NOT in a roll. 60" Wide.